Sustainable Furniture Options For an Eco-Friendly Home

If you want to bring sustainable furniture options into your home, they are an ideal way of doing so. Not only are these eco-friendly pieces made with various materials but they’ll match any decor style!

These brands utilize FSC-certified wood, recycled steel, and other sustainable materials in their products, with many offering RePurpose programs to divert used product away from landfills and toward nonprofit organizations who could make better use of it.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller of Michigan is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable design. Their products enhance both your work environment and natural surroundings while making you more comfortable and productive in your day-to-day routine.

Herman Miller takes great strides to produce products with low environmental impact by using sustainable materials and renewable energy sources, and offering zero-waste policy and striving to minimize carbon emissions.

Herman Miller’s Perfect Vision plan stands as an impressive example of how to run a successful business while taking care to protect the environment. This environmental policy encompasses several goals, such as creating and establishing EQAT (Environmental Quality Audit Team), an independent group to review environmental policies and practices within their company.


No matter if it’s for replacement of existing furniture or to add something brand new to your home, eco-friendly pieces made of recyclable or renewable materials can help lower environmental impact while being stylish and durable.

HAY is a Danish company offering eco-friendly furniture solutions for your home, including FSC-certified FSC recycled material products as well as water-based paint that won’t release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Hay is a type of dry grass or legume harvested, threshed, and baled for use as livestock feed or milled into flour. Hay should typically be stored in an enclosed structure to protect it from moisture damage and mold growth.

West Elm

West Elm offers an impressive selection of eco-friendly furniture solutions for your home. Their sustainable offerings include FSC-certified wood furniture, reclaimed wood pieces and eco-friendly fabrics.

As part of their service, they also provide a Responsible Retail Glossary which details all of the symbols and terminology necessary when shopping for eco-friendly furniture.

Medley Furniture specializes in eco-friendly bedroom and storage furniture such as sofas, chairs, accent tables, sectionals and more. Their products feature FSC-certified wood and bamboo which both are renewable resources that do not release harmful chemicals into the air.

They provide modern, sleek designs, free returns if you aren’t completely satisfied, and manufacture their pieces responsibly in California to reduce carbon emissions without using fire retardants or harsh chemicals.


IKEA is an international home furnishing giant that sells an assortment of products at prices so low that even poor families can afford them. Established in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, its democratic design process has brought furnishings from across the globe right into our homes.

IKEA’s commitment to sustainability can be seen through its initiative to offer pre-owned furniture for customers – which serves as an effective way to broaden its appeal among younger, eco-conscious shoppers who prefer retailers with strong environmental credentials.

This scheme is one of several initiatives the company has undertaken to improve their sustainability credentials and become more eco-friendly. They also pledged to only use plastic that contains recycled or renewable content by 2030 – helping make their global home furnishing range more eco-friendly.

Made Trade

Made Trade is an online marketplace offering sustainable and ethically sourced home decor items. Each product falls under one of their core values such as Sustainable, Fair Trade, Heritage, USA Made & Vegan.

The company’s mission is to empower artisans and small artisan communities, both economically and socially. By offering education or financial aid, they seek to strengthen these local artisan economies as well as improve global society at large.

This brand employs eco-friendly fabrics, sustainably-sourced wood, and packaging that minimizes waste at each step of production. Furthermore, two trees are planted for every order placed and waste reduction initiatives implemented at every step.

This brand’s mission is to design furniture that’s both sustainable and comfortable for its users, using eco-friendly materials for assembly/disassembly with easy instructions provided for assembly/disassembly. Their couches come complete with easy assembly/disassembly.