How to Add More Color and Texture to Your Bedroom Decor

Mixing textures is an easy way to add depth and variety to your decor, from throwing in different fabric throws or blankets for an eclectic feel, all the way through to using various paint finishes for an art deco effect.

Integrating accent chairs into your bedroom decor is another effective way of adding texture and color. Plus, smaller decor pieces make them easier for changing with the seasons or your mood!

Colorful Accents

Add color and texture to your bedroom decor easily through colorful accents – such as pillows or art, to woven textures blankets – by simply using colorful accents in various forms.

Accent colors are another great way to bring life and flair into your bedroom wall paint scheme. Pick any hue you desire; however, it is key that only small amounts are added at any given time in order to maintain an harmonious and stylish room design.

For instance, in a room featuring dark grey walls, adding bright green accents is the perfect way to inject some more life and dimension without overwhelming it.

Accent colors can be used in small areas of a room, like alcoves in walls or coordinating rugs; or they can become part of the main furniture pieces themselves. It is best to stick within the 10% rule so as to not overwhelm or over-stimulate the room as a whole.

Textured Walls

Textured walls are an easy and cost-effective way to add dimension and depth to your bedroom decor, whether they’re created through paint, wallpaper, or plastering techniques.

Wall-mounted shelves also add an elegant and distinct style that can complement art, accessories and other decor within a room.

These wall surfaces can be painted to fit in seamlessly with any decor, as well as constructed out of different materials such as wood and stone.

Textures can be an easy and cost-effective way to hide flaws in walls or other surfaces, as well as being more durable than smooth surfaces.

Wall coverings can also help create a cleaner appearance by disguising dirt and dust more effectively, giving a room an updated, warm aesthetic.

Natural Elements

Attract more color and texture into your bedroom decor easily by incorporating natural elements. This can include large furniture such as wooden bed frames or jute rugs or small accessories like shells, branches, and florals.

As part of a room design, natural elements can add sophistication and chicness. Fabrics featuring nature prints or wallcovering with botanical themes add an additional level of elegance that enhances any style.

Plants are an easy and beautiful way to add natural textures into any decor scheme. From small potted plants on your kitchen table or even an entire terrarium in the bathroom, adding plants can bring instant beauty and interest into any room.

If you prefer decorating without live plants, try adding abstract interpretations of nature through textiles or artwork – this works particularly well in spaces dominated by neutral colors and earthy green hues such as this silk watercolor pillow.

Textured Furniture

Texture adds both depth and comfort to bedroom decor, whether leather, faux fur or wood are used. Textures offer many unique opportunities when decorating a space – these materials add texture, as do colors that feature it!

Accenting with color can also be done through accessories, like throw pillows and rugs – an effective way of adding more hue and texture without needing to buy new furniture!

Use of contrasting fabrics can also add texture, according to Lush Home. Doing this will make a room appear more visually appealing and balanced, according to them.

Layering different textures together, such as soft, plush pillows with velvet cushions, can create interesting results. There are various techniques you can use to achieve this look, including mixing patterns or inverting colors or placing a solid-color pillow behind an textured one.