Latest Bedroom Design Trends For 2023

2023’s bedroom design trends reflect an increasing desire to create tranquil and relaxing environments in bedrooms. This trend also reflects that many more people spend time there than just a few years ago.

One popular strategy to achieve this is selecting a luxuriously upholstered bed or headboard.


Maximalism is a bold, dramatic style that showcases your personality. This style encourages using fabrics, colors and accessories that reflect what’s special about you – an exciting way to make an eye-catching statement in your home!

Chris Stanley, a design expert, notes this trend has been slowly building since 2017 and will likely reach full bloom by 2023. While minimalist spaces remain popular today, more colorful and liveable interiors are trending towards becoming mainstream.

Achieving this style may prove difficult, but when done right it can create an exciting space! Be mindful that too many items at once could result in clutter; therefore add only small touches at a time until your desired effect has been reached.

Focusing on comfort instead of showiness in this design style is also recommended, with plush couches, patterned pillows, and throw blankets ideal for creating that cozy vibe.


The 2023 bedroom design trends focus on natural elements and textural materials such as grasscloth wallpaper or woven shades, along with natural hues that incorporate these aesthetics. They should also feature in bed linen collections, grasscloth wallpaper and shades.

Rattan furniture has become an increasingly popular trend to soften the presence of prominent pieces like wardrobes and dressers in any room, creating a more relaxing vibe and making bulky furniture appear less restrictive and uniform.

Bedroom design trends for 2023 include the return of biophilic designs – which incorporate natural elements into spaces to increase comfort and relaxation. It is a timeless trend sure to make its mark, particularly among bedrooms decorated with warm tropical tones.

Use of terracotta in creating a soothing, rich color palette is one way to incorporate this trend in 2023 bedroom design trends into your space. Terracotta can make small rooms appear larger and elegant while adding a luxurious feel in larger bedrooms.


2023 bedroom design trends center around rattan furniture – an elegant material with tropical charm that lends your space a warm ambience. Rattan works equally well in boho, farmhouse, mid-century modern and traditional settings.

Rattan beds are also an eco-friendly choice, being fully biodegradable and recyclable – giving you peace of mind knowing your old bed won’t end up in landfill! Plus, replacement rattan beds don’t have to be an additional source of pollution!

Before purchasing a rattan bed, be sure to inquire into its environmental sustainability. Natural rattan is generally more eco-friendly as its production does not involve harmful chemicals or processes that harm the environment.

Art Deco interior styles have become increasingly popular for bedrooms in 2023. Boasting eye-catching patterns and geometric forms, Art Deco bedrooms are an eye-catching way to bring glamour into any home!

Art Deco

Art Deco’s return in 2023 is likely to see more opulence and glamour. Interior designers anticipate less smooth finishes in bedrooms as more homeowners opt for antique pieces and textures to make their bedroom spaces richer, personal, and cozy.

Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design believes vintage and heirloom furnishings will gain popularity in 2019. According to Insider, homeowners will gravitate toward beds, nightstands and dressing tables that boast both sentimental value and artistry.

She noted sconce and pendant lighting are becoming more popular, particularly those featuring vibrant hues such as purple and pink hues. Berry tones such as these make this trend especially eye-catching.

Grandma chic will surely make a comeback as one of the trendiest styles around, though some might not love its retro charm. According to experts, however, grandma chic can add a special nostalgic charm that many home decorators enjoy adding.