Living Room Decor Trends For 2023

2023’s living room decor trends feature an unhurried yet refined aesthetic with minimal clutter and vibrant hues. This approach involves layering different styles together to create distinct spaces with plenty of personality.

Curved furniture has emerged as a key trend for 2023, adding movement to rooms while simultaneously encouraging social interactions through its inviting form. Plush and tactile upholstery has also seen an upsurge as people seek comfort in their own environments.


Living room decor trends for 2023 feature vibrant hues, earth tones, and some unique takes on old favorites. Read on for an insider view into which colors and textures designers are loving this year, along with advice on how you can incorporate them into your own home decor scheme.

Calm is the theme of 2018 and consumers are seeking spaces that enable them to feel centered, relaxed and grounded. Interior designer Erika Woelfel from Behr’s Color and Creative Services Department says warm neutrals provide the ideal foundation for more vibrant hues to come forward in an array of vibrant shades.

Lavender has seen a resurgence as one of the hottest color trends of 2023, making for an excellent addition to reading nooks or bedrooms alike. This soft hue makes for the ideal backdrop to relax with while reading.


Living room decor trends for 2023 focus on luxurious and elevated design elements with exquisite details. Furniture features more rounded backs and crescent shapes; armchairs get bold printed fabric covers; there is plenty of visual energy at work that’s bound to impress guests in your living space!

For a cozy cabin look, incorporate textures such as faux fur rugs, leather couches and velvet armchairs into your decor to add comfort and warmth while adding character. This trend can help give any home a cozy cabin feel!

Wall paneling can add interest and create pattern in a room without the added hassle of wallpaper or paint. Wall paneling adds pattern and color into an otherwise neutral room, and pairs perfectly with bright hues or an array of blues and greens for a sophisticated finish.


2023 living room decor trends focus on personalizing the room for you and making it feel tailored specifically for you. Focus on details that give a home its individual character, such as adding throws from family tartans or antique picture frames with family photographs displayed within.

This year, designers are turning towards sustainable living room designs that incorporate natural materials to reduce their impact on the environment. This means ditching synthetics like plastics and fabrics for materials like wood and rattan that have lower environmental footprint.

Add an earthy element to your living space by including a rattan or woven lighting fixture in your living space. With its natural textures and neutral palette, this piece makes for easy integration in any style space.

Lighting trends for 2023 center around oversized chandeliers designed to stand out. These fixtures can be used to display artwork while simultaneously brightening any corner in any room.


Recent living room decor trends for 2023 focus on natural elements that bring warmth and coziness into any space, including wood, stone and rattan – which are popular raw materials.

This trend extends to lighting designs as well, with lamps made of glass and other natural materials becoming more fashionable in this style. Metal lamps from brass to gold hues have also become more prevalent.

When purchasing lighting fixtures, select ones with sealed designs to prevent dust accumulation from getting inside. This is particularly essential when purchasing glass fixtures that may gather dirt.

Accessories play an integral role in making any living room welcoming and cozy, so this year focus on personalizing your space with accents and upgrades that reflect who you are as an individual.

Fluting adds depth and dimension without being overwhelming; add this subtle detail to furniture pieces or accessories to bring out their full potential.