Storage Solutions for Small Living Rooms

Storage solutions in your living room should not only look beautiful but also be functional. Custom made options provide tailored finishes while retail stores may have fashionable alternatives available for purchase.

Storage solutions add character and reduce clutter in any living room, but before making long-term investments such as built-in shelving units it is vitally important that a thorough assessment be conducted of items needing storage space and their necessary arrangements are completed.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving Systems

Shelves are an indispensable design element that provide ample storage while adding visual interest and dimension to a living room. Ranging from subtle space dividers to eye-catching statement pieces, this functional furniture will enhance your living room interiors in no time!

Shelving systems may seem utilitarian at first glance, following a strict ‘form follows function’ model; however, their beauty lies in their versatility: from subtly dividing spaces without impeding visual access or serving as backdrop for decorative accents to serving as an anchor point in any given room’s aesthetic.

Designated Areas for Storage and Seating

Once clutter has been cleared from flat surfaces, consider creating designated storage areas for items needing storing. From coffee tables with built-in shelves to footstools that double as extra seats – having designated spots ensures items will stay out of sight but are easy to access when required.

Be sure to utilize vertical space on walls as well. Artistic elements, like colorful storage cabinets, will add interest without compromising functionality in a neutral living room setting. Furthermore, an elegant shelving system could visually expand focal walls.

Incorporating Standout Furniture Pieces

Smart storage ideas can have a dramatic impact on small living rooms without compromising functionality or aesthetics. Furniture that boasts hidden or multi-functional features – like coffee tables with drawers of shelving for books and board games or consoles designed specifically to stow media equipment – will do wonders.

Use cube shelves to organize books, knick-knacks and decorative items or showcase favorites on open shelving – such as this contemporary living room designed by Studio Ben Allen – while matching your storage displays to color themes or decorative features can enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Incorporating Hidden Storage Solutions

Implementing effective storage ideas into small living rooms creates a harmonious space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Consider options that hide clutter while offering a streamlined appearance – hairdryer holders mounted inside cabinet doors to clothes bins designed specifically to blend with your closet decor are just two such examples of smart storage ideas to consider when decorating small spaces.

Integrate hidden storage into your coffee tables or end tables to store books, decorative items and remote controls neatly out of sight. Or mount cube or rectangular shelving units on the wall as open storage for extra surface area for books and decor.

Embracing Color and Artistic Elements

Bold colors and decorative elements can add interest and sophistication to storage solutions for small living rooms, helping create a balanced visual atmosphere while keeping storage organized without compromising aesthetics.

An ottoman set can easily serve as a coffee table when equipped with a tray, and closed-lid wicker baskets offer another effective means of concealing clutter while adding visual interest in any room.

Wall shelving is an effortless way to add storage solutions into a living space. From minimalist floating shelves with minimal aesthetic to rustic bracketed shelves with rustic charm, these storage solutions can hold books, decor items, plants and much more!

Utilizing Alcove Storage Cabinets

Craft Renovations provides an elegant solution that transforms functional living rooms from functional to beautiful with its custom alcove cupboards and shelving, which frames views of the chimney breast while offering storage capacity – the open shelves provide plenty of display space for log baskets or other accent pieces!

Be bold when designing custom built in cabinet ideas for family rooms or opting for freestanding options; don’t be afraid to incorporate color. Upholstered storage boxes and rugs with vibrant hues add visual interest while bold statements such as this red sideboard from Ikea may make an impactful statement.

Investing in Bespoke Shelving

Living in a compact space doesn’t mean compromising on style; clever storage solutions can transform small living areas into functional yet visually appealing living spaces that welcome friends and family members with open arms.

Investment in custom shelving systems for your Phoenix home can help maximize space without compromising style. Many manufacturers provide designs tailored specifically for awkward areas with shelves and units designed to fit around sloping ceilings or narrow alcoves.

Closed storage options such as built-in cabinets are a great way to keep items out of sight while remaining organized and out of mind. Open shelving ideas or furniture pieces featuring hidden storage spots may also help declutter small living rooms.

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