How to Secure Your Home While Traveling

Summer vacation season can be an opportune time for burglaries, so to ensure that your house remains safe from potential thieves before you head off on vacation there are several things you should do before embarking on any trip.

One way to deter burglars is to make it appear as though someone is at home, such as using automatic timers on interior lights to give the impression that someone is always present – even when no one actually is! Automatic timers on lighting fixtures will help your home appear lived-in even when no one is there.

1. Lock the Doors

As a guest in either a hotel or vacation rental home, it’s vital that the door remains locked at all times. Otherwise, someone could gain entry without your knowledge – which could result in serious security breaches.

Consider purchasing a portable door lock as an additional layer of protection when traveling abroad. They’re easy to set up and can help deter would-be intruders while protecting against theft or unwelcome guests.

Hire a house sitter to keep an eye on your property and monitor its running smoothly, which may deter burglars from breaking in.

2. Install a Security System

As a frequent traveler, it is crucial that your home remains safe while you’re away. Install a security system which allows access to your property remotely so you can check in remotely on things while staying secured from harm.

System monitoring refers to systems that send real-time alerts directly to your mobile phone or email account, making it easier for you to know if something is amiss and potentially deterring burglars from breaking in.

There is a variety of security systems on the market today, so it is best to find one that fits your specific needs. A good home security system should offer 24/7 monitoring, professional support, and sensors to safeguard your home.

Dependent upon your lifestyle and needs, a video doorbell or security camera might be necessary to monitor deliveries and visitors. Solar-powered systems could also offer added protection during power outages.

3. Hide Your Valuables

No matter where you stay – whether in a hotel, car, or at the beach – it’s essential that valuables are concealed so thieves cannot easily gain access to them. Travelers can utilize various objects as hideaways for cash, keys, jewelry and other essentials.

An empty shampoo bottle can provide an effective means of concealing wallets and valuables from would-be thieves, without drawing too much attention to themselves. Just ensure it is well cleaned before placing items inside it.

A sock with a zipper offers another great place to hide valuables. Simply slip in some folded bills and close it securely for extra peace of mind.

An alternative option for stashing away valuables when not wearing your scarf is using one with a hidden pocket on its backside, perfect for concealing small items when you aren’t wearing it.

4. Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

No matter if you are traveling for vacation or just visiting family, it is essential that your home appears occupied. Burglars avoid homes which appear vacant; keeping lights on and some cars in the driveway can help give an illusion that someone is present and ensure that a potential burglar doesn’t enter unwarily.

Maintaining an organized property can also help deter burglars, so if you are going away for an extended period, ask someone from outside your neighborhood or community to check on it periodically and take care of any mail that accumulates outside.

Timers on lights allow you to set them off at predetermined intervals while you’re away, keeping a steady illumination level while your home remains darkened and vulnerable to burglars searching for weaknesses to break in. They’re great for use outside lighting as well – thieves may search more easily in darkened houses for ways into them!