The Best Lighting Options For Your Bedroom

No matter if you are designing a brand-new bedroom or simply wanting to enhance the atmosphere of an existing one, lighting plays an integral part in creating an enjoyable and soothing space. Lighting not only helps you relax after an exhausting day but it can also boost your mood and add romanticism into the mix.

Pendant lights

Lighting plays an integral role in creating an ideal bedroom environment. It can help you relax after an exhausting day, create romantic ambiance or simply lift your spirits in the morning.

Pendant lights are an easy and stylish way to add style and light to a room, available in an assortment of designs and sizes that make finding one that complements your space easy.

VSP Interiors’ bedroom features eye-catching low-level pendant lamps highlighting the bed frame for an eye-catching design element, freeing up floor space at bedside tables and creating an elegant symmetrical aesthetic.

When lighting your master bedroom, layering lights to achieve a balance of ambient, accent, and task light is ideal for creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and ease of transitioning between activities without harsh glares or shadows.

Portable reading lights

If you like reading before bed, selecting the proper light can ensure your eyes remain relaxed. Many of the top reading lights utilize amber hues that protect eye health while also helping avoid blue light interference that could impede sleeping patterns.

Portable reading lights include table and floor lamps. Both types can easily fit anywhere in your bedroom and are an excellent option for anyone who enjoys reading before sleeping.

Bedside lamps are another popular reading light option that can easily be attached to either your nightstand or headboard. With convenient controls that make turning on and off simple, plus various styles and finishes available so that there’s sure to be one that matches any decor perfectly!

Clip-on book lights are another popular form of reading light, similar to bookmark lights in that they attach directly to books with clips; however, their designs tend to be larger and bulkier than their bookmark counterparts.

Bedside lamps

Bedside lamps are an ideal way to illuminate your bedroom and add an element of style. From traditional table lamps and sconces, to adjustable task lights with pivot arms – bedside lamps come in all forms.

An ideal bedside lamp should be easy to reach and feature an easy on/off switch that can also dim its shade of light filtering material.

Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors recommends selecting lamp bases made of ceramic with hand-painted patterns or metal bases with simple designs or smooth drum shades for traditional looks. For something more modern, metal bases with minimalist designs or smooth drum-style shades would work better.

Griffin suggests selecting lamps that fit within proportion with your bedside table and between 19-21 inches tall to avoid the uncomfortable bulb-eating-shadow scenario. This will enable you to place books underneath it without fear that it will get in your way when getting in or out of bed.

Ceiling lights

Lighting plays an integral role in creating an inviting, peaceful atmosphere. From getting into bed after a long day to reading in a cozy armchair or relaxing after an exciting night out, the right lighting can make all the difference in creating an environment conducive to relaxation and recovery.

Ceiling lights are among the best lighting choices for bedrooms. They provide plenty of illumination during evening hours.

Choose from various styles and shapes of ceiling lights to find one that perfectly satisfies the look you have in mind for your home, including cove lights that add an eye-catching accent in bedrooms.

Ceiling lights can provide ample illumination in rooms with little natural sunlight, whether mounted directly to the ceiling or on rails allowing you to move them around as desired.