How to Choose the Right Furniture For Small Spaces

Finding furniture suitable for small spaces is essential to creating an inviting, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in any space. Furniture must fit comfortably without looking out of place, take up minimal floor space, be practical and useful and yet remain affordable.

There are a few easy strategies available to you when it comes to selecting furniture for a small space. From exquisite coffee tables and cozy sofas, to designer tips that can help you locate exactly the pieces that suit you.


When purchasing furniture for a small space, it’s essential to carefully consider its size and scale. Otherwise, an overly-large piece may occupy too much of your room space and prove too overwhelming.

To prevent that from happening, opt for pieces with slim lines – for instance a sofa with skinny arms and tight back or dining tables that don’t sit too high off of the ground.

An added layer of influence lies within a sofa’s upholstery fabric – its color should complement other design elements and walls in your room, creating an overall impression that sets off its unique vibe. When selecting one for your design scheme, select neutral hues that work well together.

An ideal neutral sofa should feature aesthetic details like curves, buttons or fluting that add dimension and create a cohesive scheme in any room it inhabits.


Ottomans make excellent additions to small spaces, offering functional advantages from footrests to extra seating and stylish aesthetic appeal.

Selecting an ottoman that will work in your space depends on a combination of personal preferences, available space and storage needs. Smaller ottomans work well as accent pieces when placed alongside larger pieces of furniture while larger options provide footrest and serving surface functionality.

There are various styles of ottomans to choose from, with popular options including cube, cocktail and rectangular designs being especially versatile in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Coffee Tables

If you’re in search of additional seating solutions for a small space, coffee tables can make an excellent addition. As they come in an assortment of styles and budgets, be sure to take both factors into consideration when making your selection.

Your coffee table and its surroundings must also have ample breathing room – aim for at least 18 inches between its edge and any surrounding furniture, like sofas or chairs.

Nesting tables can also make for great choices; when needed, they can be pulled out to expand their surface area. Some nesting tables even come equipped with removable trays for displaying snacks or appetizers during gatherings.

For maximum space efficiency, consider an acrylic coffee table set which takes up less visual real estate while still offering plenty of surface area. They come in various colors to meet any preference, while being easily transportable if necessary.


Decorating small spaces can be challenging; you want them to appear neat and organized without overwhelming the space. The key to successful small space decor is choosing furniture with storage capabilities that doesn’t take up too much floor area.

Storage is essential to any room – it should be accessible and easy to find. Look for multipurpose pieces like this dining room sideboard that also provides cupboard space for cookbooks and other kitchen ware.

Small bathrooms often lack enough floor space to accommodate over-sized storage units; however, more compact alternatives such as an open three-shelf unit offer ample storage and display space for toiletries and accessories.