Personalizing Your Bedroom – Make it Your Sanctuary

No matter if it be hanging art prints or displaying photos and knick-knacks on your walls, there are numerous ways you can personalize your bedroom space by including unique lighting fixtures.

Lehman suggests arranging furniture symmetrically as an easy way to make any room more welcoming, creating an uplifting yet serene ambiance in any space. This approach creates an environment in which it’s easier for your mind and body to rest easily.

Canvas Art Prints

Selecting wall art that complements and enhances the theme and design of your bedroom is key to creating an intimate environment. Consider selecting soothing watercolours or delicate abstract prints as feature walls – they make for the ideal decorative accents!

Combine various-sized canvas prints for an eye-pleasing arrangement. Or try multipanel panoramic prints that feature your favorite landscape or seascape in an art gallery-esque format.

As a rule, when designing your room it’s advisable to first pick an overall theme or style before using your walls as an opportunity to showcase items most important to you, such as artwork, photographs, quotes or text.

If your wall space is limited, bedroom shelves offer another creative solution to displaying artwork without nails or picture hooks. They will allow for simple rearrangement as your tastes evolve without making holes in your walls.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is an easy and cost-effective way to bring unique color or design into any bedroom, whether that means using paint, wallpaper, wood tiles or concrete textures as part of the feature wall design.

As an enjoyable DIY project, try covering one wall with world maps to inspire dreams of travel as you sleep. Choose a map-print wallpaper or simply hang mismatched paper maps with adhesive for a more casual aesthetic.

Bring brightness into your room by using bright colors to bring joy, energy and excitement into it. A patterned bedroom wall like that designed by this shabby chic decorator can display your sense of style; alternatively you could paint one or more accent walls using limewash paint to imitate weathered stone finishes for an authentic appearance.

Chalkboard Wall

Many people use their bedroom not just for sleeping, but also as an oasis for relaxation and unwinding after a busy day. From creating inviting spaces to curl up in, to providing the ideal atmosphere for meditation sessions – there are various ways you can make your sleep space an oasis.

Color Matters

Your bedroom color choices can have a big effect on how you feel in it, so opt for neutral and soft tones with soothing blues and grays as great choices for creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Textures When designing your bedroom, it is key to make an effort in layering different fabrics and materials for an appealing appearance that also boosts comfort levels. As seen here, velvet and linen combine for an ultra-cozy atmosphere; add an inviting plush rug as an additional cozy element!


Texture is key to creating a cute aesthetic, and tapestries are one of the best ways to introduce it into a room. We especially love how a dark black tapestry can set an enthralling and dreamlike atmosphere over your bed – layering it with other earthy textures such as raw wooden stool or woven pendant lights can only heighten this style further!

This tapestry’s ombre effect looks even better when combined with fairy string lights and your favorite plants! This combination creates an eye-catching headboard effect and is the ideal way to add style and class into any bedroom space.

If you want to make your bedroom even more cozy and relaxing, try using natural sleep aids such as sleep sprays, diffusers or candles as natural sleep aids. They can help facilitate better restful slumber. Compared to harsh chemicals they’re also much nicer smelling!

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