The Top Furniture Trends to Watch in 2023

No matter the scale of your redecoration project or simply looking for some fresh inspiration, 2023 promises plenty of furniture trends that are bound to become big hits.

One of the top trends to watch out for this year is an emphasis on sustainability. Look out for eco-friendly materials, curved shapes, and natural textures used in furniture design.

Mid-Century Modern

Furniture designs that create an updated and sophisticated atmosphere are crucial when redecorating a space, creating an eye-catching atmosphere and modern appearance. By selecting furniture pieces with great designs, you can transform how each area of the home appears.

Mid-Century Modern is one of the top furniture trends to watch in 2023. This style draws elements from 1950s retro graphics with contemporary style to create a more vintage aesthetic.

If you’re looking to add more classic aesthetic to your home, this style may be just what’s needed. Mix and match different hues to give your furniture an unrivalled aesthetic.

Retro Glam

Retro glam is an eye-catching style that incorporates elements from the past into its designs. Perfect for adding vintage furniture into the home, as well as new pieces.

When choosing colors, jewel tones and deep reds and blues can make for an effective starting point when it comes to vintage interior design projects, and can even be combined with lighter hues to create an inviting romantic environment.

Mirrors, chandeliers, and glassware that shimmer are essential in creating this style. From vintage pieces inspired by specific decades to more contemporary offerings – these sparking elements help your space feel fresh and unexpected.

Sleek Lines

Clean lines make a statement in any room, and sleek furniture pieces make an easy statement when mixed and matched together with other pieces from this trend.

Interior designer Karen Rohr suggests this style can also be an excellent way to achieve an enduring and timeless aesthetic in their home, making this trend particularly appealing among vintage enthusiasts and those incorporating mid-century designs into their home.

Sleek lines can also add an element of nature into the home. Materials like wood and stone pair beautifully with curvy lines to bring organic beauty into any space.

Mixed Materials

Mixed media art, an engaging combination of artistic techniques, has long been recognized for its pioneering nature and continuing progression. It can be found anywhere from stained glass panels and metal screens to cast paper furniture pieces made of stone, wood and paper.

Mixtures can be found everywhere from concrete blocks to salt water. A concrete block contains lime (CaO), cement (CEM), water(H2O), sand and other ground-up rocks/solids for its composition.

Like paint and drywall compound, paint and drywall compound are also mixtures consisting of pigments and binders which combine to produce specific hues.

Enhanced Multi-Function

Top furniture trends to watch in 2023 include those that integrate different areas and increase mobility, like coffee tables that transform into work desks or side tables with wheels that can be pulled up when seating is needed – multi-function furniture makes an excellent addition to modern urban homes.

This trend is increasingly popular in homes with limited space. Accumulating multiple pieces of furniture for a small living room can become cumbersome and costly; opting for all-in-one solutions could save both time and money in the process.