Bathroom Floor Plans – Rectangles and Squares

Homeowners sometimes prefer avoiding tubs in favor of ample floor space for vanity and toilet use, and this bathroom plan accommodates this preference while still including a tub as a feature.

This layout uses recessed areas to effectively define spaces for fixtures. A large rectangular tub is located behind the shower enclosure while an adjacent narrow space houses both basin and WC units.

1. Rectangle

This bathroom makes use of rectangular areas to maximise space and leave plenty of room for movement. A recessed shower enclosure and bathtub are situated along one wall while on the opposite side is located a double basin, storage, and WC unit.

This bathroom plan includes a spacious private area for the toilet. A partition wall and pocket door help reclaim space lost when regular doors swing open and shut.

2. Square

This primary bathroom plan features a toilet, bathtub and vanity situated on two long walls. This arrangement works particularly well as shared kid’s bathrooms where entrance doors swing inward into cabinets to keep toilet out of direct view.

Smart spacing makes room for both a double sink and walk-in shower in this tiny bathroom space, creating privacy with inner partition walls that limit tub footprint.

3. Rectangle with Corner

Rectangle with Corner is a popular bathroom layout for small spaces, employing straight lines and corners that define its rectangular form to form the design scheme. This layout allows recessed areas that can hold cabinets, basins or toilets to be included within its plan.

This space features a showering area situated against a recessed wall adjacent to a bathtub, with cabinet and washbasin located nearby for grooming purposes on an adjacent wall. Both areas are separated using glass sections for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

4. Rectangle with Tub

This bathroom layout is ideal for powder rooms or guest baths. By keeping all plumbing fixtures on one wall, space is saved while installation work becomes simpler.

This unique layout optimizes space in a rectangular-shaped bathroom. Stepping inside, one finds themselves in a refreshing area featuring 2 basins set upon narrow long countertops adjacent to cabinet and WC units – leaving plenty of floor space and widening visual perspective via beautiful mirrors.

5. Rectangle with Basin

This bathroom layout employs both a bathtub and walk in shower enclosure in one room. It features an oversized rectangular inset bathtub with double basins on either side. There is also space set aside for a toilet that is separated by toughened glass panels.

This bathroom serves as an exemplary demonstration of how combining rectangle shaped elements can result in an inspired bathroom design. When opening the door, we see that there is a tub and shower space at the front while two long basins flanking an extremely narrow long countertop.

6. Rectangle with Toilet

Rigid lines set the scene for this bathroom that uses a partition wall to divide its bathing area from that of its sink and WC. Its spacious bathing area houses a massive rectangular tub while two countertop basins and cabinets can be found attached to one recessed wall for ease of access.

This layout is perfect for homeowners who prefer showering over bathing, and works best in a half bathroom. A pocket door saves space by not swinging out into the room as often.

7. Rectangle with Storage

Rectangle bathroom floor plans provide plenty of wall space to install storage solutions, like niches or shelves to store everything from lightweight towels to bath products in easy reach.

This bathroom layout boasts an expansive shower area that takes center stage, while other areas contain double basin and WC units as well as inner partition walls that provide privacy between each area.

8. Rectangle with Bath

A recessed tub serves as the centerpiece in this bathroom layout, with a WC and basin situated opposite it amidst a linear arrangement of storage and double sinks. Bright sunlight streams in, making the space soothingly soothing.

Maximise space with geometric fixtures and areas in this rectangular bathroom by placing bathtub on one wall while using panels as walls between WC, storage cabinet and storage cabinet on another.

9. Rectangle with WC

This bathroom layout is often utilized for guest bathrooms or powder rooms, as it consolidates all your needs into one space. Utilizing two long walls as showering zones and for grooming areas.

An arrangement of basins on either side of the room leads to a massive tub at one end, while on another wall are WC and cabinet areas separated by glass panels.

10. Rectangle with Bathtub

If your bathroom is long but narrow, consider creating a bathtub, shower and toilet layout – known as a powder room – which makes for easier installation of plumbing fixtures on one wall.

Geometric shapes and recessed areas work seamlessly in this contemporary space. A door opens into a main refreshing area which features double basins on a slim space-saving countertop; both WC and tub have privacy provided by inner partition walls.

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